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Twin Zip-Flyers

I Can Fly!

Flights depart daily on Camelback Mountain Adventures’ Twin Zip-Flyers. Race side-by-side as you fly from the summit of Camelback Mountain back to its base on the longest Zip-Flyers in North America!


In preparation for your zipline adventure, you’ll be transported to the summit of Camelback Mountain by chairlift or shuttle bus where you’ll rise eye to eye with the birds flying through the sky.  Our experienced guides will help you get seated and secure in your chair and prop your feet on a metal door, the only barrier between you and adventure. The door suddenly opens, and you let out your first scream! Gravity takes over, and as you fly down the mountain, you’ll quickly reach speeds up to 60 mph. The 4000 foot long zipline cable is suspended over the steep slopes of Camelback Mountain and the waterslides of Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark. Enjoy the view, and wave at friends watching from far below as you experience a rushing race you’ll never forget.

Get ready to experience the longest Zip-Flyers in North America by reserving your flight today! Although reservations are not required, we strongly encourage that you schedule your flight in advance due to the popularity of our Twin Zip-Flyers.

Twin Zip-Flyer Restrictions
Zip-Flyer Height Restrictions minimum = 4'4"
maximum = 6'8"
Zip-Flyer Weight Restrictions minimum = 75 lbs.
maximum = 275 lbs.
Zip-Flyer Age Restrictions minimum = 8 years old

Once firmly back on the ground after your zipline adventure, you can get another dose of adrenaline on one of our other adventure elements!

243 Resort Drive
Tannersville, PA 18372

The Biggest Waterpark In PA is your home for splashtastic summer fun! With over 37 rides, slides and attractions, private cabanas and the Adventure Zone, there’s something for everyone. Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark.
This Is My Beach!


Camelback Mountain Resort is home to the Biggest Snowtubing Park in the USA! With up to 42 lanes of insane sliding, our snowtubing park will satisfy your craving for family fun and snow tubing in the Poconos.


Camelback Mountain Resort is a haven within the Pocono Mountains, and one of the only ski resorts in Pennsylvania to offer year-round mountain adventures for the entire family. Our ski resort exists for the sole purpose of allowing you, your family and friends to enjoy winter fun to its fullest.


Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark at the base of Camelback Mountain. Your 84-degree family getaway is right around the corner!


Make your getaway feel like the vacation of a lifetime! Camelback represents the finest townhouses bordering the slopes and each have all the comforts of home in mind. There’s no better way to spend a weekend than a Ski & Stay Vacation at Camelback.


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